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Episode 20: The Future Looks Sonny

In our final episode of the 2021 planting season, the 81st Governor of Georgia and former United States Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue joins us to discuss his life, career and the future of global agriculture.

Episode 19: 2021 Planting Season

In this episode we get updates on the 2021 planting season from dealers Dale Mayer of Mayer Farm Equipment, Garrett Davidson from Osceola Implement, Heath Laker of Laker Farm Implement, Lane Robinson from Robinson Implement and Jason Deike from Deike Implement. Bruce Baldwin from Kalvesta Implement takes the quiz.

Episode 18: Trench Quality and Fleet

Modern planters can do amazing things, but strip tilling is not supposed to be one of them. Jeff Daniel from Yetter Manufacturing talks trench quality and planter fleet.

Episode 17: Knowledge = Yield

The best way to increase your yield is to increase your knowledge. In this episode we discuss increasing your planting knowledge with Mitch Merz of Merz Farm Equipment and Brian Brown from Brian’s Farming Videos provides an update on this year’s planting season.

Episode 16: Planting Roundup

In this episode we cover multiple topics: Alex Lundgren from AGCO Corporation talks about depth, Mitch Merz from Merz Farm Equipment discusses the importance of singulation and Joe Dimler from AGCO Corporation shares his thoughts on seedbed preparation.

Episode 15: Preventatives

In this episode we continue our discussion on preventatives with guests Jason Lee and Joe Dimler from AGCO Corporation.

Episode 14: Seedbed Preparation

In this episode we continue our discussion on seedbed preparation with guests Mitch Merz from Merz Farm Equipment and Jason Lee from AGCO Corporation.

Episode 13: Preventatives

In this episode we talk preventatives with guests Alex Lundgren and Darren Goebel from AGCO Corporation.

Episode 12: Farming for the Future

In this episode we discuss the future of farming, autonomous robots and hockey puck shooting machines with our special guest Eric Hansotia, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of AGCO Corporation.

Episode 11: Singulation

In this episode: the ongoing discussion around singulation with guests Bryce Baker from Precision Planting, Alex Lundgren and Darren Goebel from AGCO Corporation. Get your Free Emergence Flagging Kit from Precision Planting.

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