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Episode 33: A New Lease on Life

Jeff visits with Brad Brazel from Plevna Implement Company in Indiana. Brad talks about often overlooked basic planter maintenance items, parts supply chain issues, the importance of taking care of your planter after planting season and the trend of giving your older equipment new life during this inventory shortage.

Episode 32: The Long Game

Jeff visits with Kyle Schmit from Manzer Equipment, Inc. in Osmond, Nebraska. Kyle provides us with valuable insight regarding nutrient stewardship, closed cycle farming practices, mitigating high input costs, planter technology adoption, and reminding Fendt owners to always hit the green check mark.

Episode 31: Sustainability

Jeff visits with Brad Arnold, Senior Vice President, General Manager, Precision AGCO from AGCO Corporation. They guys discuss the hot button topic of sustainability in agriculture, advanced sprayer technologies, multi-hybrid capabilities, and today's exciting announcement from the Precision AGCO.

Episode 30: Ready, Set, Wait!

Jeff talks with Lane Robinson from Robinson Implement in Irwin, Iowa. The guys discuss the frustrating wait for the Spring planting season, hauling manure with a Fendt, the new Massey Ferguson 8S Series, Gleaner leaf screens and finding a suitcase full of money in the middle of a field.

Episode 29: Playing the Hand You’re Dealt

Jeff visits with Josh Schneiderman from Morning Sun Farm Implement in Morning Sun, Iowa. The guys discuss the current lack of equipment (both new and used), hybrid and high-speed tillage trends, taking on the Fendt brand, stripping corn and beans in the same field, and helping farmers with their succession planning.

Episode 28: Watching the Neighbors

Jeff visits with Corey Eastham from Chrisman Farm Center in Chrisman, Illinois. The guys discuss looking to farms around you when adopting new practices, the importance of gathering data to make better decisions, tillage trends and the always delicious mullet.

Episode 27: Groundhog Day

Jeff talks with Dale Mayer from Mayer Farm Equipment in Jeffersonville, Ohio. The guys discuss the hectic start to Spring (a reoccurring theme this year), Mayer customer Dave Brandt and his cover crops, the excitement behind the Massey Ferguson 8S tractors on order and eating groundhog.

Episode 26: Every Pot has a Cover

In this episode we talk with Mike Olson from AGCO Corporation. Mike provides some new equipment ordering insights and setting up your current equipment for appraisal, the importance of showing some love to your planter and his recipe for Oldsmobile-prepared racoon for your next tailgate party.

Episode 25: The Black Sheep of Equipment

Jeff visits with Kyle Smith from Midway Farm Equipment in Mt. Lake, Minnesota. The guys discuss the often-overlooked importance of the planter, the resurgence of row crop cultivators, the delayed spring causing a co-op pinch, Aerosmith and avoiding lutefisk.

Episode 24: Waiting for Rain in Kansas

In this episode we look westward with Zach Stejskal from AGCO Corporation. Jeff and Zach discuss managing input prices by evaluating your operational efficiencies and how slowing down to spend a few minutes up front can save you hours in the field later. Other topics include: using tannerite as tillage, finding bedpans in your field and using duct tape as a transmission drain...

Episode 23: It’s Getting Funke in Here

Jeff visits with Jay Funke from Del-Clay Farm Equipment in Edgewood, Iowa. The guys discuss the importance of consistent emergence in corn to get the best yields, interesting crop rotations, the unusual equipment market and diesel fuel scented candles.

Episode 22: Patience is Key

In this episode Mitch Merz of Merz Farm Equipment joins us to discuss doing the math on rising input costs, equipment prices and availability, what to expect for this year's Merz Farm Equipment Crop Tour and the similarities between swordfish and hydraulic fluid.

Episode 21: Smells Like Money

In our first episode to kick off the 2022 planting season we talk with Jason Deike from Deike Implement. from Waverly, Iowa. Jason discusses everything from the weather, the rise of strip-till in northeastern Iowa, his favorite subject: Fendt tractors, and manure smorgasbords.

Episode 20: The Future Looks Sonny

In our final episode of the 2021 planting season, the 81st Governor of Georgia and former United States Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue joins us to discuss his life, career and the future of global agriculture.

Episode 19: 2021 Planting Season

In this episode we get updates on the 2021 planting season from dealers Dale Mayer of Mayer Farm Equipment, Garrett Davidson from Osceola Implement, Heath Laker of Laker Farm Implement, Lane Robinson from Robinson Implement and Jason Deike from Deike Implement. Bruce Baldwin from Kalvesta Implement takes the quiz.

Episode 18: Trench Quality and Fleet

Modern planters can do amazing things, but strip tilling is not supposed to be one of them. Jeff Daniel from Yetter Manufacturing talks trench quality and planter fleet.

Episode 17: Knowledge = Yield

The best way to increase your yield is to increase your knowledge. In this episode we discuss increasing your planting knowledge with Mitch Merz of Merz Farm Equipment and Brian Brown from Brian's Farming Videos provides an update on this year's planting season.

Episode 16: Planting Roundup

In this episode we cover multiple topics: Alex Lundgren from AGCO Corporation talks about depth, Mitch Merz from Merz Farm Equipment discusses the importance of singulation and Joe Dimler from AGCO Corporation shares his thoughts on seedbed preparation.

Episode 15: Preventatives

In this episode we continue our discussion on preventatives with guests Jason Lee and Joe Dimler from AGCO Corporation.

Episode 14: Seedbed Preparation

In this episode we continue our discussion on seedbed preparation with guests Mitch Merz from Merz Farm Equipment and Jason Lee from AGCO Corporation.

Episode 13: Preventatives

In this episode we talk preventatives with guests Alex Lundgren and Darren Goebel from AGCO Corporation.

Episode 12: Farming for the Future

In this episode we discuss the future of farming, autonomous robots and hockey puck shooting machines with our special guest Eric Hansotia, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of AGCO Corporation.

Episode 11: Singulation

In this episode: the ongoing discussion around singulation with guests Bryce Baker from Precision Planting, Alex Lundgren and Darren Goebel from AGCO Corporation. Get your Free Emergence Flagging Kit from Precision Planting.

Episode 10: Trench Quality

In this episode we continue to discuss trench quality with guests Mitch Merz from Merz Farm Equipment and Bryce Baker from Precision Planting. Get your Free Emergence Flagging Kit from Precision Planting.

Episode 9: Depth

In this episode we resume the discussion on depth with guests Darren Goebel from AGCO Corporation and Bryce Baker from Precision Planting. Get your Free Emergence Flagging Kit from Precision Planting.

Episode 8: Seedbed Preparation

In this episode we continue the discussion on seedbed prep with guests Jeff Daniel from Yetter Manufacturing and Ben Fanshire from AGCO Corporation.

Episode 7: Nutrients

In this episode we continue our discussion on nutrients with guests Jason Lee and Alex Lundgren from AGCO Corporation. Mayer Farm Equipment customer Dave Brandt from Carroll, Ohio joins us to talk cover crops.

Episode 6: Singulation

In this episode we talk singulation with guests Joe Dimler, Jason Lee and Ben Fanshire from AGCO Corporation. Brent Kvasnicka from Kvasnicka Harvesting and Super Spreader, LLC. joins us to take the quiz.

Episode 5: Trench Quality

In this episode we discuss trench quality with guests Darren Goebel, Jason Lee and Ben Fanshire from AGCO Corporation.

Episode 4: Depth

In this episode we discuss planting depth with guests Ben Fanshire and Jason Lee from AGCO Corporation and Mitch Merz from Merz Farm Equipment.

Episode 3: Seedbed Preparation

In this episode we discuss seedbed prep with guests Jay Funke from Del-Clay Farm Equipment, Darren Goebel and Alex Lundgren from AGCO Corporation.

Episode 2: Fleet Management

In this episode we talk about the planter fleet with guests Mitch Merz from Merz Farm Equipment, Joe Dimler from AGCO Corporation and Jay Funke from Del-Clay Farm Equipment.

Episode 1: Nutrients

Welcome to our inaugural episode where we discuss nutrients with guests Joe Dimler, Darren Goebel and Ben Fanshire from AGCO Corporation.